WATCH: Behind the Scenes – RTC3 Video Shoot

Barbara Be goes down to RTC3’s New Position music video shoot, to record our Behind the Scenes for OnTraxTV.

Getting to know RTC3 off set and getting to grips with the story behind the video, shot in a raunchy strip club with dancers and later at a casino. Barbara chats to Robyn Sasha Singer/Songwriter in RTC3 about the track, the video and about their other hits and music videos including ‘Let it go’ featuring Talitha Minnis from MTV’s Ex On The Beach and ‘Drop Dead’ filmed in Majorca. This track which enticed Jemma Roscoe, their biggest fan, and got her hooked on their music with the line ‘If Jealousy could kill i’d be dead right now’ and even lead her to getting it tattooed on her ribs.

Tiago is the other memberofo RTC3 and he producers and raps on their tracks, delivering a Latino edge to their deep and raw lyrics, videos and over all package.


Video Edited by Lee Bethell
Video Produced and Shot by Barbara Be