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Motivational Monday with UB40

Jun 14, 2019Comments off

#MotivationalMonday with tip from UB40 at The RoundHouse. In our new series we will be showcasing street talent & giving them a platform to shine,

Stand & Stare talk about the journey o...

Jun 14, 2019Comments off

Interview with Stand & Stare Media unreleased 2016 video, Josy Tenger & #RyanStanford talk about the creative journey of a music video’s concept, feat top

Getting Political with UB40

Jun 14, 2019Comments off

Getting deep with UB40 about how they have always engaged with political topics in their music & about how social media has encouraged an uprise

Robyn Sasha – Does Music Keep You On ...

Apr 09, 2019Comments off

Robyn Sasha talks to us about how music keeps her on track at a behind the scenes video shoot 2015 In our new series we

How the arts keeps Wafena On Track whilst i...

Mar 09, 2019Comments off

The Martyn Maxey foundation day part 2, where they did the hair & nails for women who are homeless or living in sheltered accom. It

A Street Cat Named Bob – James Bowen&...

Feb 21, 2019Comments off

#JamesBowen who wrote his life story/film A Streetcat Named Bob has since recorded a song which he perfomed at its launch event late last yr.

Judith’s love for photos – Hair...

Dec 21, 2018Comments off

Martyn Maxey #TheHairFoundation Day #Part1, where they do the hair & nails for women who are homeless. We were lucky to meet a lovely lady,

Motivational Monday with Emily Capell

Dec 07, 2018Comments off

#MotivationalMonday with Emily Capell’s tip to up & coming artists. She suggests keeping your soul & avoiding reality TV. #HUSHPR n our new series we

Stella Parton – Music & Art expr...

Nov 21, 2018Comments off

OnTrax TV went down to Cornbury Festival 2016 in the lovely Countryside of Oxford, UK. Spoke to the lovely Stella Parton! Stella Parton is an

Motivational Monday with Wizdom

Nov 09, 2018Comments off

#MotivationalMonday with Wizdom founder of Fullyclothedbeauty. Utilise your talent, build experience & most importantly, try. #FullyClothedbeauty #PositiveExpression #Inspiration Wizdom, co-founder of charity Fullyclothedbeauty at Royal