‘Kicks’ a film supported by ‘Mind’, highlighting challenges faced by young professional footballers – ft Impact Films Academy CIC

Barry Silkman Stars in Short Film Supported by Mental Health Charity ‘Mind‘, Educating Viewers on the Potential Challenges & Consequential Mental Health Issues Faced by Young Professional Footballers.

This film was co produced by Dual Reality & Impact Films Academy CIC. ‘Kicks’ offers young footballers the opportunity to gain experience in the film industry both behind and in front of the camera after they have been released from a career in football.

The Film is out now on the ‘Metro.co.uk‘ (more screenings to come) along with our Behind the scenes also out on ‘Metro.co.uk’

This was an insightful behind the scenes shoot for OnTrax, learning more about the football industry and that like many others they have their challenges as well as the highs, portrayed in the media. An incredibly low percentage rate (approx 2%) of young footballers actually make it through to the premiere league, yet the job requires more dedication than most. That’s why ‘Kicks’ & ‘Impact Films Academy’ are a vital part of this journey, stepping in to offer hope & training when dreams have been broken.


‘Kicks’, a new short film supported by mental health charity ‘Mind‘, explores the challenges faced by young footballers when they are released from their teams.

Super agent, former manager, and player Barry Silkman (Manager) stars alongside two real-life amateur footballers, Able Kpogho (Patrick), 21, and Rebecca Middlemist (India), 17.

Kicks tells the story of Patrick, a teenager struggling to cope after being let go by his football club.

With its intense and physical football sequences choreographed by real-life players, the short film offers a more authentic experience for viewers.

Co-produced by Dual Reality and Impact Films Academy CIC, Kicks offers young footballers the opportunity to gain experience in the film industry both behind and in front of the camera.

The film’s choreography is overseen by former Charlton, Watford, and Fulham youth player Danny Edmead, 19.

Alex Bushill, Head of Media and PR at Mind, said:

We’re proud to have helped advise on Kicks, which brings to life some of the key issues affecting the mental health of young footballers.

“We know the power football can have as a platform to raise awareness about mental health and to break down taboos that prevent people from talking about it.

“From our own research, we also know that when mental health issues are depicted on screen it can help people, particularly young people, feel less alone and be more likely to talk to someone about how they are feeling.

“It has never been more important for programme makers to create accurate, sensitive storylines about mental health.

“While there is still a long way to go, we are pleased to have worked on over 30 storylines around mental health this year, including Kicks.

“We know that when the media gets it right, it can encourage people to seek help, allow people not to feel alone, and make a lasting difference on people’s lives.”

Behind the Scenes 

Behind the Scenes Video Shoot

What is Impact Films Academy CIC:

Every boy who joins a football team or academy dreams of becoming a professional player. But in the majority of cases, this does not happen and most are let go.

This leaves them with shattered dreams, depleted confidence, low self-esteem, and a lack of direction and guidance.

Impact Films Academy CIC would like to bridge this gap and give these youngsters aged 16-25 an opportunity for a better future.

Without proper guidance and clear career prospects, some of these young boys will be pushed towards unemployment and criminal activities.

But through the art of filmmaking, Impact Films Academy CIC strives to alter the narrative and help individuals rebuild their confidence, trust, self-belief, and gain clarity about their future.


Film credits including those interviewed in the Behind the Scenes Video:

Directors: Jimmy Nsubuga & Matthew Nsubuga Screenwriter: Matthew Nsubuga
Producers: Linzy Attenborough & Jimmy Nsubuga
Director of photography: Don R Weerasirie
Starring: Able Kpogho as Patrick, Barry Silkman as Manager, Femi Ogunjobi as Dad

Behind the Scenes Video Team:
Camera Operator – Barbara Lewin
Producer – Barbara Lewin
Editor – Jean-Philippe Bensoussan

Shot @ the Old Finchleians Club