International Women’s Day – Pepa’s Interview (Salt N Pepa) Females in Rap – Throwback Ilove90s Tour

March 8, 2024 4:52 pm

International Women’s Day – Pepa’s (Sandra Denton) Interview (from Salt N Pepa) –
‘First Female Rappers to Win a Grammy for performance by a group’
‘Ilove90’s’ #throwback

Check out this interview discussing how it was for Salt N Pepa as female rappers in the 90s Hip Hop scene. They were the first female rappers to win a Grammy Award for performance by a Duo or a Group. And first all female rap act to achieve gold and platinum status. Pepa (Sandra Denton) also discusses her partnership and friendship with ‘Salt’ and the 90s Hip Hop culture as a whole.

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Video Filmed Oliver Miles, Tomáš Heidenreich & Barbara Anne
Produced by Barbara Anne
Edited by David Ryan & Barbara Anne

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