Right Trax Music Video/Promo Production & Training Workshop

Talented artists learning to make their own music/promo videos during covid whilst having fun! Weldone to all the hard working, skilled crew & sugar studios for making it possible…

#Throwback #savethearts

Artists here talking about the event, with clips of their talent, of sugar studios & the production team: 


Production & Training Workshop weekend, last winter at Sugar Studios was a great success 

Unsigned artists submitted their tracks to win this unique opportunity, the successful artists then had introduction zoom consultations to discuss initial video ideas. The best video concepts that were most compatible with a green screen shoot won the weekend workshop: production/training experience.  The 4 successful artists worked with Barbara & Linzy on a series of zoom sessions on their concept development.  The artists then arrived at covid friendly; Sugar Studios in Greenwich London, Dec 2020, for the Saturday shoot day and Sunday edit day, ready to be the directors & producers of their own music/promo videos supported by our full production crew & mentors. 

Check out our full photo gallery of each artist’s shoot development down below: from green screen to edit timeline to final export shots (can click into each photo) & behind the scene videos. 

We were blown away by the talented artists that submitted their catchy, radio quality tracks and it was a great pleasure assisting them in the development of their video concepts via zoom sessions: story boarding, shot list..

Sophie’s amazing story board 

… costume and prop preparation

Working with friends always helps with the fun element!

We absolutely loved working on a diverse mix of genres! Each track was totally unique.

Giving back to our industry at a time when artists needed encouragement, support & valuable opportunities the most! It’s important when you hit the hardest times to keep doing what you love, maintaining high spirits!

It was a fun shoot full of creativity and energy with popcorn to puppets! We all mucked in from Barbara needing to jump in and act on Lorna’s video shoot about 2 old best friends, to one of our camera crew lending his jacket for a green screen performance shot on what was a very cold day in the large studio space! And Linzy putting on her editing hat to save the day whilst being one editor down for Martin’s Reggae video where he wanted to be transported into the sky! #Teamworkmakesthedreamwork

Special thanks to all the amazing production crew & workshop team:
Mentor-Director/Workshop Leader: Linzy Attenborough
Mentor-Producer/Workshop Leader: Barbara Lewin
Co-ordinator/Mentor:  Sarah Pemberton
Main Camera Operator: Filippo Mazzarino
Editors & Trainers: Rajesh Rajilal, Jacob Sweep &  Valerio.

Huge appreciation to Jo Wallace manager of the amazing Sugar Studios for a fantastic collaboration and to SHL lighting for getting involved & making the event the success it was.

Check out the behind the scenes highlight video of the workshop!



Snaps from Jack‘s Music Video Shoot:  

Snaps from Lorna’s Music Video Shoot:  

Snaps from Martin’s Music Video

Snaps from Sophies’s Music Video


Music & art is the universal language we all share. #TalentwithNoJudgement​ ​


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In depth Video Edited by İlhan Beyazay
Highlight Video Edited Alistair Davidson
Video Filmed by İlhan Beyazay
Second Camera Barbara Lewin
Producer/Interviewer Barbara Lewin