OnTrax is a video platform to focus on inspiring a new generations into the arts & music; encouraging a positive form of self-expression. We feature universally recognised to up & coming artists, cover events to raise awareness & share real life stories from artists where a positive outlet might have saved them during their darkest moments.

Sometimes in life you hit rock bottom or you just lose your way, you need a means to express your emotions so, rather than eat you up and manifest, they can digest & leave in a more beautiful way that helps you to evolve and grow strength during these times to get you back on track.

Some people have a deep yearning to become an artist, but they don’t know how, or maybe they have already started on their journey as an artist but have faced challenges (which you always will) and confidence is low. We create content which trains, motivates, encourages self-belief for people who enjoy music and the arts and/or who aspire to become artist’s themselves.

OnTrax brings you vibrant talent in all its different glories in the form of inspiring entertainment, giving an extra platform to unsigned artists to shine whilst also providing education from the advice of artists that we know & love who have already reached their goals.

We have various regular segments, ‘OnTrax Underground’ which is shot on the streets of London (& globally) capturing buskers and street performers, ‘Motivational Monday’s’ tips from artists on how to make your dreams a reality, ‘Good Vibes’ inspiring short stories from audience members about their lows & highs, funny ‘Outtakes’, capturing the funny reality behind the scenes, plus many more.

We love to film with artists and organisations that also share the ethos of practising positive expression and with charities that use music & the arts to fundraise and raise awareness on youth projects, local community issues & health campaigns.

Specialising in & bridging together the worlds of music, art, film, dance & any medium intensely rich in creativity, with raw underground artists to ground breaking topical or charitable event coverage.

OnTrax is the brainchild of producer/interviewer Barbara Be, who wanted to create a platform to showcase the talents of musicians and artists who inspire people, especially young people or those who have lost direction, in positive creative ways.

You can keep in touch with OnTrax video content at ontrax.tv or via the youtube channel, facebook page, and twitter updates.

“Ultimately, we believe that self-expression is a powerful and positive means to obtain clarity and focus: using Music and the Arts is a way to do just that. We want to inspire aspiring artists and new generations to express themselves by entertaining and educating them.”