Tom Moore, A True Hero that Inspired a Nation

February 11, 2021 5:01 pm
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Tom Moore’s life & achievements will be celebrated & appreciated for years to come, always remembering the incredible amount he raised for the NHS, with his 100th birthday walk in 2020, how he inspired the nation which kickstarted a sequence of charitable events during the pandemic.  Tom Moore … an absolute hero that achieved so much in his 100th year of life, more than most would dream of in a lifetime, he was the oldest person to reach number one in the charts, & oldest author of a number one selling book, he wrote two inspiring books ”Tomorrow will be a good day’’ (for adults) & “100 steps’’ (for children), plus so much more, he truly deserved to be knighted & lives on in the hearts of many. 

Please see below for details of his 2020 achievements, where to view/purchase his work, what initiated the ideas, check out all the images & details of the amazing STREET ART, PAINTINGS/projects that he inspired (+ a unique photo to PAINTING OPPURTUNITY). 

When Tom Moore decided to walk 100 lengths of his garden, to raise money for the NHS on his hundredth birthday last yr,  he became an international sensation. He’d raised £32,794,701 once he closed his fundraising page (that’s £39.3m including Gift Aid).

Soon after he became the oldest person to reach number one in the charts with his duet of ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ with Michael Ball (a collaboration with the NHS Voices of Care choir) You can purchase this song here:

He continued to inspire countless walkers, with several disabled children joining his fundraising efforts, including two-year-old Amelia from his hometown, who suffers from Au Kline Syndrome.

Last summer, David Beckham visited Captain Tom’s house, to introduce him as ‘the first inspirational member of the Lionhearts’, and was awarded honorary Captain.

In July 2020, Captain Tom was officially knighted, after much admiration from the nation.

It wasn’t long after that his autobiography ‘Tomorrow Will be a Good Day’ was published, looking back at his time in the war and his outstanding fundraising efforts that inspired the nation during the pandemic.  The book went straight to number one of the book charts, making him the oldest author to have a Number 1 selling book. You can purchase this book here:

In October 2020, his children’s book ‘One Hundred Steps’ was published, a story about adventure, family, never giving up and what can be achieved with team work. You can purchase this book here:


In November, Captain Tom was announced as the winner of GQ’s 2020 Inspiration of the Year award, he featured on the front cover, the oldest ever cover model of the magazine.

Street Art, Paintings & Art Projects – Inspired by Tom Moore, in appreciation of the funds he raised.

Street art tribute in the Leake Street Tunnels,
Waterloo by Humor, socials: @humorstreetart
dedicated to the late Captain Sir Tom Moore.

Artist, Julio César, socials: @juliocesartist8
pays tribute to 
Tom Moore & celebrates
our eldest generation with unique
opportunity: send images of loved ones
with a few words on why they’re special
to Julio: with chance
to have your photograph turned into a
painted portrait. You can view his full
body of 
works at:

Julio’s inspiration for this project:
‘Now, more than ever we need to celebrate the
bravery, resilience and strength shown by our
elderly population 
as they struggle with our
year-long pandemic’.
Julio’s inspiration for Tom’s painting:
‘I wanted the piece to pay tribute to those who
have worked so hard to keep the country going
throughout the pandemic, including, NHS staff
and, of course, 
our hero Captain Tom.

Painting of Tom Moore by Adam Salisbury,
insta: @adam_salisburyart an artist in Blackpool
that was told he’d never achieve anything, that
he was wasting his time 
with art. One day he
painted his son’s room with dinosaurs and it got
couple of thousand shares on social media,
since then his art has been spread around the

A street art graffiti mural in East Belfast,
showing the logo of the NHS, and
100-year-old veteran Captain Tom Moore. 

A mural in tribute to Sir Captain Tom Moore
takes pride of place on the front of Deal Direct
Blinds, on Saltmeadows Road, Gateshead.






Spraycan artist Andrew Mills’s mural,
Tamworth, Staffordshire.

Touching Cambourne mural by Daniel Woods,
pays tribute to Captain Thomas Moore.

‘The Walk of Hope’ a tribute to Tom Moore
in Leeds, was created by Tony Clark
& Keith Sharratt, handcrafted in Indonesia.