Currently we are working on a few exciting projects with more in the pipeline.

We have the Music History/Culture, UKG Documentary, check out the trailers:

We also have the exciting launch of OnTrax USA series coming soon July 4th.

And a topical video on how ‘Music Heals’, an intense interview with an inspiring man who set up a charity after suffering and overcoming severe tragedy, this will be released soon.

And the video series on 90s Hip Hop, have been releasing since 2017, the Pepa (from Salt and Pepa) interview to be released this summer.

Check out the outtake:

And Coolio’s interview on 90s Hip Hop culture:

We also worked on ‘Homeless But Human’ fundraiser, check out the ‘OnTrax Underground’ we captured at that:

Last year we worked hard on the Feel Good 90s themed Music Video with LA’s Andy Cooper where we represented the idea of Talent with No Judgement; showing all ages, highlighting youth dance with the mixture of cultures, ages, sizes and colours to bring back the old skool feeling of freedom and fun loving. We wanted to create Hip Hop video with an uplifting positive vibe and we certainly did: