Remembering.. hero Tom Moore & man convicted for cruel tweet re our amazing cpt

February 2, 2022 6:01 pm

Remembering the amazingly heroic, captain Tom Moore – 1 year ago since he passed away.


Great news that tweeter, Joseph Kelly, who was brutally disrespectful towards Tom Moore on social media at the sensitive time of his passing, has been convicted of a ‘grossly offensive’ tweet. Anyone who could be so cruel about such an honourable man who raised high hopes & funds during a crisis deserves nothing less.

Tom Moore’s life & achievements will be celebrated & appreciated for years to come, always remembering the incredible amount he raised for the NHS, with his 100th birthday walk in 2020, how he inspired the nation which kickstarted a sequence of charitable events during the pandemic.  Tom Moore … an absolute hero that achieved so much in his 100th year of life, more than most would dream of in a lifetime, he was the oldest person to reach number one in the charts, & oldest author of a number one selling book, he wrote two inspiring books ”Tomorrow will be a good day’’ (for adults) & “100 steps’’ (for children), plus so much more, he truly deserved to be knighted & lives on in the hearts of many.