Final Cornbury Fest – Pics – OnTrax feeling nostalgic – we love you Cornbury!

July 15, 2022 5:00 pm

The Final Cornbury Festival, last wkend


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We had a blast shooting at Cornbury 2022!

OnTrax is feeling nostalgic after many memorable shoots at the fest!

Here are a few pics of this years fest & some historical favourite snaps & vids.

Blessed with glorious weather to help in making it an epic memory, the festival went out with a bang. Sunny skies, beautiful scenic views of Cornbury’s festival site in the countryside setting of Oxfordshire, amazing feel good, heart warming music to dance and laugh the day/night away.

Loved watching the Shires on stage again after a whopping 6 years! And checking out the fab artists that Cornbury had lined up for 2022.

For our final shoot this year we focused on the main festival site; mingling with festival goers who were having fun, stalls and comedy acts roaming the fest to get a few chuckles! And the amazing stage performers as normal in the stage pits. We certainly enjoyed the process of hot sweaty work whilst soaking in the vibez!

Thanks to Cornbury Festival for another spectacular musical countryside experience, shining bright in all its glory! And looking so beautiful as the sun went down.

Photo Credit @BenPhillips

Loved by locals, Cornbury is one of the longest running festivals in the heart of Oxfordshire, attracting 20,000 people each year for the last 17 years, retaining the friendly community atmosphere of a village fete, that just happens to have some of the biggest International names in music performing on the main stage. Known to be one of the safest festivals in the UK, with entertainment for all the family, its musical heritage is one of all round appeal, suited to all ages and tastes, which is what has given the festival its loyal and long standing reputation.


Tuneless Choir, we love you! Haaaaaaa!

Waitrose Food Stall – Free Food Give Aways! Yummyyyyy

Justin Hawkins (@AliRaza OnTrax)

Why hello your Majesty!! Omg! Looool 🙂

The sky was sooooo pretty!


James Blunt

James Blunt (AliRaza)

@BenPhillips Ronan Keating

Jools Holland @BenPhillips

The Shires (AliRaza)



Cornbury out with a bang!!

The Cornbury Music Festival is unique: organically developed! Quaint, heart warming, open air party, fun for the whole family and all walks of life. All ages were welcome to join in and have a memorable weekend in its beautiful Cotswolds setting.

Described as ‘charming and irresistible’ –  where those who love live music can enjoy munch and drinks with comedy acts, fancy dressed happy festival goers, superstars, rockers, rollers, farmers, urbanites, gourmet chefs and little old ladies who make scrumptious cakes and cookies.

Cornbury Music Festival is summer entertainment with an uplifting sound; a country fair with a rock ‘n’ roll vibe; a farmers’ market with a dance floor; stall shacks filled with goodies from Goa & locally sourced, a countryside carnival.

Our previous Cornbury Highlight 2016 Video:


A selection of favourite festival pics from over the years!


UPLIFTING RETRO style, 2016 video:


Cornbury Festival 2022