International Women’s Day – Pep...

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International Women’s Day – Pepa’s (Sandra Denton) Interview (from Salt N Pepa) – ‘First Female Rappers to Win a Grammy for performance by a group’

‘Kicks’ a film supported by ...

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Barry Silkman Stars in Short Film Supported by Mental Health Charity ‘Mind‘, Educating Viewers on the Potential Challenges & Consequential Mental Health Issues Faced by

”This Is Your Journey” USA Prom...

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When Barbara Be was in Los Angeles & at the sametime Tomáš Heidenreich was over in Washington, Las Vegas & Chigaco. Here is the promo

OnTrax Shows (repeats) on LondonLive #SaveT...

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We have a couple of our TV Shows replaying on London Live (post Bank Hols repeat-specials 03.05.21),  Next show date (repeat): 07.10.21 12:45 PM (90’s Feel Good Hip Hop

OnTrax 10min TV Shows on London Live #SaveT...

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We have our TV Shows replaying on London Live (after 20.04.21 shows & the Bank Hols repeat-specials 03.05.21 etc)  Next show dates (repeat):07.10.21 @ 12:45 PM – 90’s Feel Good Hip

‘Poetry Saved Me’ Be Inspired b...

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Caridad De La Luz, meaning charity of light in Spanish, aka La Bruja, is Puerto Rican & has lived in the Bronx all of her life as

Music & The Arts, Powerful Forms of Se...

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~ Music & The Arts, Powerful Forms of Therapy & Expression ~ Keeping artists on track. Watch this 60 sec video with insightful words from

Tru Trilla – NewJersey, Rapper

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Check Tru Trilla’s socials ~ new track #WordofGod. Urbanelite pr & OnTrax. Tru gets deep: “Music’s the gas of the energy of art in motion,

Nathan David – ‘Music is a Univ...

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Musician Nathan David aka Tomly N Music, talked about the positive impacts of music & the doors of opportunity its opened. He describes music as

Jimmy Cliff Talks about Music Being a Posit...

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Jimmy Cliff talks about reggae music being an outlet & how in Jamaica they express positivity via spiritual, cultural & social ways. #PositiveOutlet #Reggae #Jamaica