”This Is Your Journey” USA Prom...

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When Barbara Be was in Los Angeles & at the sametime Tomáš Heidenreich was over in Washington, Las Vegas & Chigaco. Here is the promo

Music & The Arts, Powerful Forms of Se...

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~ Music & The Arts, Powerful Forms of Therapy & Expression ~ Keeping artists on track. Watch this 60 sec video with insightful words from

Jimmy Cliff Talks about Music Being a Posit...

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Jimmy Cliff talks about reggae music being an outlet & how in Jamaica they express positivity via spiritual, cultural & social ways. #PositiveOutlet #Reggae #Jamaica

OnTrax TV Promo

WATCH: OnTrax TV Promo Video

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Check out our amazing promo video for a little taster of what to expect from OnTrax TV. OnTrax TV is a new entertainment channel with

WATCH: Barbara Be – Lifestyle Talksho...

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Check out some highlights of OnTrax TV presenter Barbara Be from her days on Chrissy B show on Sky. ————————————————————————————————————————————————————— Credits: Clips used by work

WATCH: Youth Verses Music – OnTrax Pr...

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OnTrax promo. Barbara Be finds out why the arts and music are such a powerful tool in keeping young people off the streets.

WATCH: Barbara Be’s Arts & Cultu...

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OnTrax TV presenter Barbara Be has worked in TV producing, presenting, script-writing, and editing. Take a look at some of her best bits.