Oli Power Studio – Production Tips

Recording OnTrax at Power Studio.

OnTrax went down to Powerstudio a while back during the recording of track #Fire to meet singer-songwriter O L I & her production team, young #DariushG shares production knowledge and Oli talks about what goes into writing and recording a song.
#RecordingOnTrax #NextGeneration

In our new series we will be showcasing street talent & giving them a platform to shine, giving motivational tips from those in the media industry & video training for vocals & production.

We will also be bringing to you topical mini documentaries delving into the history of music & the meaning & culture of all the genres & nationalities.

Music & art is the universal language we all share. #TalentwithNoJudgement.


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Video Filmed by JC Bonassin & Barbara Be
Video Edited by JC Bonassin