Andy Cooper & Adam El-Sharawy on Oohs & Ahhs Set

April 17, 2018 6:54 am
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OnTrax TV & Art In Motion Pictures’s 90s themed Hip Hop music video, shot this summer with Andy Cooper (from Ugly Duckling (Official) Long Beach, California) is releasing very soon ….

This is the Behind the Scenes – Part 2

It was a great day filled with good vibes & highly creative energy. Bags of talent from all spectrums, ages & walks of lives. Those who attended the shoot described it as #Magical #TalentWithNoJudgement

Featuring in the behind the scenes:
Adam J El-Sharawy Barbara Be #AndyCooper Taimmy Hango Platinum Performing Arts Platinum Casting Agency Nina Lewis Regs OM Roy Hart Jordan Graff Ben Hudson Tomáš Heidenreich Reeva Lánise Riley Dixon Antony Fitzgerald Shaun Mcenery Anastasia Cioclea Jānis Orbidāns

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Video Edited by Adam El-Sharawy & Produced by Barbara Be
Music Andy Cooper