The HummingBirds

April 16, 2018 2:02 pm
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OnTrax TV went down to Cornbury Festival 2016 in the lovely Countryside of Oxford, UK. Spoke to the lovely ‘The Hummingbirds’ great Liverpool based boy band. Inspired by the Beatles.

Sunday was a great day, we got to meet some wonderful artists, with booming careers and projects in the pipeline and watch them perform. We spoke to them about the culture of festivals and how they find performing at them and also how Cornbury compares to other festivals. Also spoke to The Tuneless Choir about how you don’t have to be great at singing to enjoy performance and get up on stage.

The festival had a lovely cosy atmosphere and easy access lay out. 1 main stage a few smaller ones with lots of great little food stalls. Including a waitrose tent which looked cool. Crack open the bubbly and sit back amongst the crowd and passer by’s.

There was also a little trolly going round called H20 re hydrating festival’ees.

The festival was filled with a slightly older crowd, with room to move and dance and not too many drunk people falling around you which meant you could enjoy the weather and music.

The staff were friendly and the PR crew were really helpful. Big up to Impressive PR once again.



Video Shot by Jc Bonassin & Barbara Be
Video Edited by Chris Hamilton
Video Produced &
Presented by Barbara Be Producer Assistant Meulengh
Backing Tracks – The Hummingbirds